Destination Rwanda welcomes CHOGM attendees in June

CHOGM is confirmed to take place in Kigali in June 2022

Originally scheduled for June 2020, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) is confirmed for the week of June 20th, 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda.  CHOGM is customarily held every two years and is the Commonwealth’s highest consultative and policy-making gathering.  54 Commonwealth countries will convene in Kigali to explore pooling their resources and innovations in order to provide solutions and opportunities for the betterment of their citizens. 

Much to our excitement, the Commonwealth has confirmed that The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall will attend CHOGM in Rwanda.  Additionally, approximately 8000 attendees are expected throughout June as special forums will take place throughout the month.  These special forums will address themes in business, youth, women, and global development issues.  Representatives from all Commonwealth countries will come together to discuss today’s important questions about humanity, equality and justice, and global development.

CHOGM takes place during the high season in rwanda

The “high-season” in Rwanda is June-August as it coincides with the country’s dry season.  While visiting Rwanda anytime outside of the peak wet season is most rewarding, we expect many tourists this summer who have delayed their travels due to the pandemic.  As you can imagine, everyone in Rwanda is excited to welcome all of the CHOGM participants along with the visiting tourists coming together in person.

Kigali is buzzing with excitement for the CHOGM Meeting in June

Rwanda has spent the last several years investing in infrastructure including roads, transportation, and communication technologies.  Additionally, the National Parks, hotels/lodges, and restaurants have been investing in their staff and sites to better serve the number of visitors Rwanda will receive this June.  Likewise, Destination Rwanda has been making further investments in our staff and vehicles to ensure we can meet the demand in June and throughout this summer. 

Destination Rwanda welcomes CHOGM attendees in June with special packages detailed here.  We are thrilled that Rwanda and the world have opened up to traveling and coming together in person again.

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