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Service Beyond Expectations

Hospitality and kindness are at the heart of everything we do.  As our guest, we will take care of you every step of the way. Our tours are customized to the needs of each of guests so you can be confident that you will receive unparalleled service and experiences throughout your trip.

Destination Rwanda tours and safaris staff are local to Rwanda, fluent in English and French, and trained in all aspects of tourism.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge of the wildlife, culture, and history of Rwanda with you.



Sustainable tourism

We are committed to responsible and sustainable tourism by practicing environmental conservation and preservation of local communities. 

Our business is staffed with Rwandans, and the hotels, restaurants, and attractions we visit are Rwandan owned whenever possible.  In the case of foreign owned organizations, we ensure they are supporting and empowering local communities.

Destination Rwanda is committed to investing in local businesses and giving back a percentage of our profits to organizations that support conservation efforts and survivors of genocide. 

Traveling with Destination Rwanda means your presence and money will support conservation efforts and have a positive impact on local communities.

Our Company

Destination Rwanda Ltd. was founded by a Rwandan and an American who are both passionate about delivering once-in-a-lifetime experiences to tourists from all around the globe.  We aim to offer everyone – of every age, ability, and comfort level – the opportunity to experience the wonders of Rwanda. 

Destination Rwanda is fully licensed with the Rwanda Development Board (RDB/TL/2021/10/TO/00652) and a proud member of the Rwanda Travel and Tourism Association (RTTA).



Our Mission

At Destination Rwanda you are our guest.  We welcome you to Rwanda and care for you every step of your journey. 

Destination Rwanda tours are designed so that you, our guest, can fully relax and enjoy the experiences that await you.  Whether you are traveling for adventure, cultural interactions, or just to explore new places, we are here to make every minute of your trip memorable.

Destination Rwanda Tours and Safaris

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